Saturday, May 31, 2008

Critic's Dungeon

Hi there, and welcome to a new and rather occasional feature of my blog, the Critic's Dungeon! Here amid whips, chains and various implements of torture I shall look over the latest films and give you my opinion of them.

So here we go with Iron Man.

I had to see what all the shouting was about, so I went to my local theater and paid a matinee price ($6.50); I figured it certainly wasn't worth any more than that. I was not disappointed in my assessment. I didn't even spring for the popcorn with the artificial butter-flavored grease.

As for the movie, it was a very moderate amusement for a two-plus hour flick. The special effects were nice, but nothing to write home about, and only once did I actually laugh aloud (the scene where Tony tries to fly, pancakes face-first into a wall and gets hosed by a robot wielding a fire extinguisher).

Everything else raised a dry chuckle as the film recounted the story of Tony Stark, the egotistical, narcissistic rich alcoholic (played so well by Robert Downey Jnr. you'd think he was almost typecast). At the end it was heartening to see that his "reformation" at the hands of the terroristas didn't put that big of a dent in his narcissism. It also gave the filmmaker an excuse to end the picture with the trademark song by Black Sabbath.

And Stan Lee showing up as Hugh Hefner was cute.

Quite frankly, I could have gotten more mileage out of a repeat of The Simpsons Movie. At least I laughed at that.

I give Iron Man 2 whips.


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