Friday, September 05, 2008

Well, That's Over

(Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin of Alaska taking the salute of the assembled delegates at the Republican Party Rally. Note: This is a screenshot - it has NOT been Photoshopped.)

The Republican National Convention is over.

You may thank the Deity of your choice now.

I sat and listened to McCain's speech in its entirety (showing that I will take one for the team if need be).

He spoke about an hour, interrupted by applause and protesters. Looked like two ladies from Code Pink and a guy from Iraq Veterans Against the War. He stayed in the gallery; the two ladies were ejected.

McCain talked. And talked. And talked.

Longer than Obama had.

Did he say anything specific about how he would right the listing ship of state?

I didn't hear anything, apart from a nebulous plan to reinforce voucher programs (subsidies for the churches). He made a bunch of words sound real pretty about alternative fuels, but I recall hearing the same shit from Reagan twenty years ago. How'd that work out?


The sides are chosen.

The battle lines are drawn.

Let the Campaign commence.


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