Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mayhem and Treachery

The GOP Convention entered its second day feeling rather queasy, as if a sudden storm in its very bowels was about to break (sort of like explosive diarrhea).  There were ominous rumblings as the Texas delegation and delegates from several other states met last night.

Why were there ominous rumblings?  Were the Paultards getting ready to revolt?

It seemed that they were, pissed off over delegate seating.  You see, convention delegates aren't just there to provide us with street theater about whose hat is the silliest - they vote on the party's rules, platform planks, and vote for the nominee.

Apparently, there was some kerfuffle over the seating of Ron Paul delegates, and it seems that a compromise was hammered out.

Which may have gone by the wayside when the Rules were voted on, specifically Rule 12 of the twenty-five Party directives.

To put it in a nutshell, Rule 12 allows the Party hierarchy - the National Committee - to intervene and change any or all of the other rules, and even the planks in the Party's platform . . . after the convention.

And that caused a bit of an uproar, with people screeching for a hearing on the minority report.  Finally, Party Chairman and Person Whose Name Sounds Like A Social Disease Reince Priebus stepped up to the podium along with Rep. John Boehner (R-Coppertone). 

The ayes and nays were called, and they ruled that the ayes had it.

The Twitter erupted, with various conservative waterheads like Michelle Malkin screeching about how the party bosses had just marginalized the grass roots.

Welcome to Real Life, Michelle.

Now, onward to the Party platform.  There are a few things of note:

1.  No abortion, no way no how, under any circumstances (which, by the way, is at odds with the presumptive nominees stance of the hour on the subject).

2.  Bomb Iran!

3.  Change Medicare as we know it, oh, and get rid of Social Security.

4.  Get rid of porn -

Wait!  What?  What the hell!?

Yes, indeed.  The GOP platform for 2012 advocates the eradication of pornography from our nation, presumably including the Internet.  I think they've lost the Young Republicans on that one.

So, all in all, a good first full day of arrant knavery.


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