Thursday, June 16, 2016

And for those of you who like sport . . .

There's politics.

My goodness and by Great Hastur, it's been a busy week on the political front since Clinton became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party after winning the California primary back on June 7th.

First, though:

With the District of Columbia primary last night, the 2016 Presidential primary cycle is now over! 

Bernie Sanders and his wife called on Hillary Clinton at a DC hotel last night, and many people have speculated that the terms of his surrender were being negotiated. Nothing's been revealed yet, but here's a few speculations:

1. Sanders promised that he would see this thing through to the convention, so he might do it in a pro forma fashion, so that he can tell his supporters that he kept his promise.

2. He wants a seat at the table when it comes to writing the platform. I think that's doable, and a tribute to Sanders' forcing a shift in the conversation.

3. He needs time to steer his supporters toward the Clinton campaign (and pay no attention to the Trumpanzees who masquerade as BernieBros).

4. One of the things that gained Obama much respect from Clinton in 2008 was that yes, she did concede to him, but a roll call vote was allowed in the convention to showcase how well she had done. Something similar may be in the offing.

And now we turn to the Republican candidate. First, here's the GOP Party Anthem in all its glory:

There was much quiet wailing and gnashing of teeth in the back rooms at the GOP, because their presumptive nominee continues to see how well he can imitate the Worm Ouroboros by swallowing his own feet down to the knees, backwards. Trump's been jumping up and down, ranting about this and that.

Let's see how that's been working for him, shall we? To be fair, I will leave out his responses to the Orlando Massacre - I'll save those for later.

The most interesting thing to come out of the week vis-a-vis Trump was some early polling out of Utah. The Beehive State hasn't flipped blue since Johnson crushed Goldwater back in 1964. However, the poll shows Clinton tied with Trump at 35%, with the Libertarian Gary Johnson a strong second at 15%.

Yeah, a serious "WTF?!" moment.

Now, this is an early poll, with no previous polling to show trend lines. We can still infer a thing from this.

Utah is predominantly Mormon, a religious minority that was driven out of the United States because of their beliefs. Hmm. Which religious minority has been threatened with expulsion lately in this political contest? Hmm.

Yes, that's right. Islam.

Now, Mormons, along with very fundamentalist Christians and radical Islam, have a few things in common - they're all anti-gay, they're wanting to impose religious law over a secular society, and they're generally intolerant of others. Despite that, the Mormons are probably feeling a bit of empathy for the fact that the GOP nominee has been yelling about deporting Muslims from the USA and barring Muslims from entering the country.

Or, as one analyst tweeted, "Donald Trump is doing the impossible - he's converting Mormons!"

Which reminds me - National Public Radio's Marketplace program decided to sort out the economic impact of a Muslim ban on the United States, and it ain't pretty. Just blocking Muslims from abroad coming here on vacation will cost the US about $20 Billion a year. Toss in students, doctors, professionals, etc., and now you're talking actual money.

But all of that paled when compared to the aftermath of what happened early Sunday morning in Orlando, of which more later. 


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