Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun, in the Sun, Sun, Sun

(Posted before the June 4th California primary.)

This past weekend saw Democratic primary contests in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Let's leave aside the sorry fact that these voters, who are American citizens, can vote for a political candidate for President but cannot vote for their party's nominee for the highest public office. Just like American Samoa and Guam.

Clinton came into the weekend needing about 67 delegates to sew up the nomination, and started out well by garnering a fat, swollen bounty of six delegates from the US Virgin Islands. It's a tropical paradise immortalized in this dialogue from the movie The Cheap Detective:

Marcel: Gentlemen, may I present Miss Betty DeBoop from the Islands?
Colonel Schlissel: Caribbean or Virgin?
Betty DeBoop: Well, let's just say I came back a Caribbean.

Delightfully gauche.

That was on Saturday; on Sunday Puerto Ricans went to the polls for a rousing hustings. Puerto Rico is, like the Virgin Islands, a beautiful piece of America, as shown (and mocked) in this MST3K short:

However, the Commonwealth has a lot of economic troubles (admittedly, some appear to have been self-inflicted), as seen in this bit from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight:

Honestly, isn't it sad that comedians are better journalists than everyone in the Fourth Estate?

Well, anyway, once the fur stopped flying, Clinton had carried the territory, 61-39 and netting 40 delegates. It puts her close to sewing things up.

Sanders' camp, on the other paw, is screeching blue murder that the polling was rigged in Puerto Rico, claiming that there were a lower number of polling places available. The Sanders camp asked for that, so I can only assume that their current caterwauling is due to rum hangovers.

But we still have one more Big Day of this madness to contend with. Tuesday sees the following states voting: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North and South Dakota. While California is the biggest prize of all, New Jersey may put Clinton over the top before polling ever ends in the Golden State. Polling indicates her having only a slim, margin-of-error lead over Sanders.

Speaking of Sanders, he's getting more strident every day and his followers are stooping to violent language and activity. Not on, Bernie my lad, not on at all. Most of the 'wrongdoing' you carp about is either your own doing or because you don't have the organizational skills Clinton brought with her from participating in three Presidential campaigns. Yes, you may make a lot of noise in the Convention, but the upshot of all the Sturm und Drang will be that Clinton will still get the Great Green Weenie of Nomination.

Notice I've left out the Elephant in the Room, Donald Trump. Alphabetical order, peeps.

Faced with a lawsuit over the scam that was Trump University, Trump did what he does best - attack people personally, by stating flat-out that since the judge is "Mexican," there's no way he can be unbiased in the case because of Trump's immigration policy. True fact, Judge Gonzalo Curiel was born in Indiana to American citizens, and bonus true fact, his mother came to this country years before Trump's mother. But we must remind ourselves that Trump, and many of his followers, do not believe in facts or the truth.

Instead of walking it back, Trump doubled down on his stance, and implied that he didn't think a Muslim judge would be unbiased either. He based this on his stance toward Islam.

The Republican establishment prefer their racism of the quiet, dog whistle variety, so you heard Speaker Paul Ryan (the latest high-ranking pol to lick Trump's taint) merely say that the remarks were "out of left field," a sentiment echoed by Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

Since Trump is the presumptive nominee right now, the final flurry of voting tomorrow will matter, just not as much as it would have if The Mule hadn't disrupted the GOP's Plan.


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